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Custom automated solutions.

We create custom integrated automation solutions for low-volume and high-volume manufacturing. As an approved Fanuc supplier, our certified automation engineers can create a sophisticated automated program capable of handling all of your manufacturing needs. Our enclousures are built with high-grade aluminum and ultra-clear acrylic, surrounded by a never-slip metal platform, making them among the safest and efficient work environments available.

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Custom Automation Equipment

Automation Equipment that's Built to Grow as your Company Grows.

Each automation system that we build is capable of housing all the components needed for manufacturing, such as: robotics, fixtures, nests, electrical panels, error-proofing, video surveillance, LED lighting and more. And as with every Inovatech automation system that we build, expansion is always planned for. As your needs grow, your system can easily be modified or expanded to effectuate a seamless manufacturing pipeline.


We’ve streamlined the automation design process to make it easy for our customers to outfit their facility without significant downtime.
Design Clock


  1. Review your part design and develop a build-list for quote.
  2. Present quote and early design concepts.
  3. Upon approval, begin CAD drawings and spec materials.
  4. Present final designs for approval to begin build.
Build Clock


  1. Order parts and begin fabrication process.
  2. Construct enclosure and platform.
  3. Install robotics, end-of-arm, fixtures and panels.
  4. Wire electrical panel and program robots.
Delivery Clock


  1. Teardown and on-site setup of equipment.
  2. Calibrate robotics and components.
  3. Validation and operator training.
Custom Automation Equipment

Wiring and Programming