Light-weight End-of-Arm Tooling.

End-of-arm tools from Inovatech are custom designed and manufactured to be light-weight and reliable, packing all of the features you’d expect from a high-tech automation company. Through the use of our in-house CNC and 3D printing capabilities, every tool we build consists of light-weight components to provide more flexibility and efficiency from your robotic arm. We can incorporate any tool to fit your manufacturing needs, such as:

  • Grippers
  • Degaters
  • Cutters
  • Laser Sensors
  • Thermal Inserts
  • Cylinders
  • Custom Nesting
  • Custom Grippers
  • Hold-downs
  • Suction Cups

A better Thermal Inserting solution.

Inovatech offers automated thermal insertion with a twist. Our quick-connect tip selector system (patent pending) is like no other in the industry. Capable of loading an unlimited amount of inserts per session, hands-free. By incorporating an Inovatech QCT Thermal insert into your automation pipeline, you not only increase production, but you also limit the risk of operator injury.


We accommodate cleanroom requirements and assist in validating
equipment to adhere to the medical device validation process of IQ-OQ-PQ.