The Modular Automation Station System that grows with your manufacturing needs.

Our Modular Automation Station System (MASS) is an innovative slide-connection, QuickFixt™, for low and high volume automation. This system reduces legacy costs by utilizing light-weight, swappable fixtures and secondary aids, all precision made to fit within your Inovatech enclosure. An Inovatech automation station is completely expandable and customizable. As your manufacturing needs change, simply unlock one fixture and replace it with the next -- it's that easy.


60″W X 40″D x 84″H


48″W X 34″D x 84″H


38″W X 24″D x 40″H

Slide-and-Connect Components.

Once locked into position, every MASS component is extremely accurate, insuring consistent and reliable part replication. Our fixtures and secondary aids are constructed of high-grade aluminum and lightweight resin, making them easy to manage, yet highly durable. We provide a number of accessories for automated manufacturing and quality control, including:

  • Fanuc
  • Thermal Inserts
  • Nests
  • Laser Sensors
  • Degators
  • Safety Stops
  • Air Cylinders (part hold down)
  • Electrical Components

Cut Your Overhead While Gaining Valuable Floor Space.

Why sacrifice valuable floor-space for workstations that see limited use? With the Inovatech Modular Automation Station System, your facility can handle much more work in a fraction of the space. Imagine the efficiency you’ll gain! Our enclosures are built from powder coated steel and ride on industrial-grade locking casters for the ultimate in mobility and expansion. Add to that a number of included convenience features, such as diamond plate foot rests, clear-view plexiglass (gates available) and LED lighting, and you have the pinnacle of automation equipment today.

If you’re building a state-of-the-art, low-volume manufacturing facility, then look to Inovatech Automation today!


Thermal Inserting has never been more productive or cost effective.
Cut your thermal insert costs in half with our End-Of-Arm Thermal Insert MASS integration.

MASS Thermal Insert Solution.

One of the benefits of incorporating a MASS in your shop is its ability to multi-task thermal insert. Our patented quick-connect tip selector system provides unlimited, hands-free thermal insert application all within a single work station. Combine that with a multi-head, end-of-arm tool for continued production throughout each run; providing a safer work environment and greater profitability.